Site rules

The site offers its services to media or online publications, working with the site "Dem" (hereinafter - the Participant), subject to the implementation of the Rules of the site. Rules can be changed without any notice of participants. The new version of the Regulation comes into force on the expiry of three (3) days from the date of placement.

By registering on the Website, the Participant has read, understood and agree to be bound by these Rules.

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  1. Registration data, account security

    By registering and using the Site, User agrees to:

    1. Present during registration accurate, current and complete information about the Participant (User), which may be requested registration forms on the Site (registration data);
    2. Do not use obscene nicknames;
    3. Take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the user name (email address) and password;
    4. Immediately notify the administration about any case of unauthorized (not permitted by the Participant) access with username and password and / or any other breach of security;

    Administration is not responsible for any loss or corruption of data, which may be due of breach of the provisions of this part of the Rules.

  2. Materials
    1. Party undertakes to place at "Dem" only their own materials, ie published in the media or online edition;
    2. The site "Dem" is prohibited to publish material or commercial advertising, promotional materials, and spam;
    3. Not publish any information which contains threats, discredits or offends other users or third parties, is obscene, is fraudulent, infringing on personal or public interest advocates racial, religious, regional, ethnic hatred or enmity, or any other information that violates protected by human and civil rights;
    4. Do not post any information and photos that violate the exclusive rights of users or third parties to intellectual property;
    5. Responsible for reporting on the site is the participant who posted them.
  3. Administration
    1. The management is not responsible for statements users;
    2. The management is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of the materials published by the participants;
    3. The website administration has the right to remove comments that violate the rules of the site. With regular violations of the Regulations, the administration may block the account of the Participant or User;
    4. The administration is always ready to take note of the comments and suggestions of any member of the site with respect to the resource.