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Cabinet of Abilgaziyev sworn in at Parliament of Kyrgyzstan

Cabinet of Abilgaziyev sworn in at Parliament of Kyrgyzstan

The members of the new cabinet of Prime Minister Muhammedkaliy Abilgaziyev have sworn in at the plenary session of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan today.

The cabinet of ministers:

- First Vice Prime Minister – Kubatbek Boronov;

- Vice Prime Minister – Zamirbek Askarov;

- Vice Prime Minister – Jenish Razakov;

- Vice Prime Minister – Altinai Omurbekova;

- Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office – Murat Mukambetov;

- Economy Minister – Oleg Pankratov;

- Finance Minister – Adilbek Kasimaliev;

- Agriculture Minister – Nurbek Murashev;

- Minister of Transport and Roads – Jamshitbek Kalilov;

- Minister of Education and Science – Gulmira Kudaiberdieva;

- Justice Minister – Ainur Abdyldayeva;

- Foreign Minister – Erlan Abdyldayev;

- Interior Minister – Kashkar Junushaliyev;

- Emergency Minister – Nurbolot Mirzahmetov;

- Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism – Sultan Jumagulov;

- Health Minister – Kosmosbek Cholponbaev;

- Minister of Labor and Social Development – Talaigul Isakunova;

- Chairman of the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Mining – Ulan Riskulov;

- Chairman of the State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications – Bakyt Sharshembiyev;

- Chairman of the State Defense Committee – Erlis Terdikbaev;

- Chairman of the State National Security Committee – Idris Kadirkulov.

The composition, structure and program of the cabinet was approved by the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan on April 20. The same day President Jeenbekov signed orders to appoint cabinet members.

Abilgaziyev was nominated for prime minister’s post by the parliamentary majority coalition comprised of SDPK, Kyrgyzstan, Bir Bol, Respublika-Ata Jurt.

Abilgaziyev has become the 30th prime minister of Kyrgyzstan.

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