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MP outraged at request to speak in Russian

MP outraged at request to speak in Russian

MP Asylbek Jeenbekov was outraged at the request of Chairman of the State Mortgage Company Baktybek Shamkeyev to speak Russian at the SDPK fraction meeting on March 2.

The implementation of state program "Affordable Housing 2015-2020" was heard at the meeting.

Jeenbekov said he was outraged at Deputy Prime Minister Sanjar Mukanbetov's asking for permission and delivering a speech in Russian.

"And now Shamkeyev is asking to speak in the official language," Jeenbekov said.

"How will we develop our state language? In the regions where housing is most needed, no one will understand you," said MP Jeenbekov.

He also asked the secretariat of the faction to prepare all documents in the state language.

Shamkeyev agreed with the criticism and made a presentation in state language.

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