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International Issyk-Kul games kicks off in Cholpon-Ata

International Issyk-Kul games kicks off in Cholpon-Ata

The opening ceremony of the 17th Issyk-Kul international sports games was held under the slogan “Asia is a region of cooperation and peace”, the press service of State Agency of Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports of Kyrgyzstan reported.

About thousand sportsmen from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China and Turkmenistan take part in the 17th International games.

The sport program of games includes following popular kinds of sport for men and women: arm wrestling, basketball 3x3 (street ball), volleyball, tug of war rope, swimming, kettle bell lifting, darts, athletics (individual), beach football, beach volleyball, beach wrestling, beach sambo.

In addition a contest Issyk-Kul baatyr will be held on the following kinds of sports: buka tartysh (tug of war rope),oorduktardy tashuu (gravity transfer - stone weighing 100 kg), kuresh (wrestling).

Issyk-Kul sports games will last till September 12.

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