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Border issues should be resolved using diplomatic approach, not rallies – PM Sariyev

Border issues should be resolved using diplomatic approach, not rallies – PM Sariyev

Border problems won't be resolved by rallies, a diplomatic approach is needed here, Prime Minister Temir Sariyev told population as part of his one-day working visit to Jalal-Abad region.

“I came here over border issues. Border disputes once unleashed wars, but some pseudo-patriots try to use border disputes for their deceptive purposes stirring unrest. However, border issues are not addressed in such a way. I am grateful to people who realize the situation,” PM Sariyev said.

The Prime Minister said he will meet with organizers of the planned rallies under disguise of resolution of border issues. “The border dispute aroused after the resolute steps undertaken by the president and the government of the country. The main thing is that we should talk to all countries on equal footing. Current border conflicts will be resolved. We have prepared a step-wise plan for resolution of the situation in consultation with the Foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan,” the Prime Minister underlined.

“We should use only lawful methods while addressing border issues. It is senseless to find reasons for rallies and pickets now. We need this least of all now, since the national economy just began developing steadily. Canals, apartment buildings, social facilities are built. Pay increase is provided to military. Equipment and supplies of armed forces are modernized. We will resolve border issues, but this would require time and diplomatic approach. I want to assure you respective government agencies are working on delimitation and demarcation of the state borders,” the Prime Minister said.

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